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Tarmac and Asphalt Services for Wicklow

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We are specialists at laying tarmac and asphalt on driveways throughout the Wicklow area in County Wicklow. Our team provides a range of affordable tarmac services which includes laying new tarmac driveways, asphalt driveways, resurfacing your driveway and more.

We can create custom built tarmac driveways with options for creating unique driveways in Wicklow. You can opt for a paved border around your driveway built with either block paving or a natural stone like granite cobble setts. You can have an entrance built using block paving or granite in a circular or moon shaped pattern as a custom entrance point.

We provide other options to go along with your tarmac and asphalt driveway including laying red tarmac, rubber tarmac for playgrounds and patio areas, various finishes from 6mm fine wearing courses to 100mm dense wearing courses and more.

Call the team today at PPG Driveways Wicklow to book a FREE estimate on getting a new tarmac driveway laid at unbeatable prices. Over 20 years experience with a skilled team of pavers that can replace or resurface your driveway. 

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Here are examples from PPG Driveways Wicklow on the different style options available when you are getting a new tarmac


Tarmac is available in two colours for laying. The first option is the standard black tarmac finish which is the most common style of tarmac that is laid.

The second option is red tarmac which is available in various shades of red depending on the dye tone mix. This mix must be specified before as it will be mixed to that specification.

If you are thinking of a red tarmac driveway, we can provide you with colour samples to help you decide on the red tone you would like.

We can put in a range of driveway edging around your tarmac and asphalt driveway. With options on concrete edging kerbs, block paved bordering, brick on edge and block paving kerbs.

You can combine edging kerbs / block paving kerbs with a paved border to create a more solid and boxed in feel to your driveway.

Asphalt driveways are very similar to tarmac with the biggest difference being the stone used to give a finer finish and the bonding agent.

Standard tarmac is bonded by mixing tar with gravel whereas the asphalt finish is done with bonding bitumen and a finer grit together.

Both are durable driveways and it comes to more preference on the overall look vs any other factor.

If you already have a tarmac driveway or a concrete driveway, you have the option of having it resurfaced instead of replaced.

The factors that contribute to this option are firstly, the condition of the existing driveway. If it is still solid and has no subsidence, it is fine for resurfacing. A driveway that has cracks and loose base foundations is not acceptable for resurfacing and will not last.

The other factor to consider is the pre-existing levels to your driveway. For example, if the original driveway is already close to your damp proof course on your house, you should not resurface it without first lowering the levels.

One final point to resurfacing is to ensure the edges are chipped out to allow the tarmac to be bedded down into the edging. This ensures it will not unravel.


Most frequent questions and answers to customers on driveways.

The average cost of a driveway in Wicklow ranges from €1200 to €3800. This is the average price for a standard driveway on a 3 bed house with the various prices down to the choice between gravel, block paving or tarmac.

When it comes to building a new driveway in Wicklow, the most common options are block paving (various options), concrete driveway including imprinted concrete, tarmac/asphalt driveway and a gravel driveway. These are the most common options to date with resin bonded solutions becoming more and more popular.

Driveway installation time frames can vary to a large depending on the installation choice and the actual size of the driveway area. The best example is a standard driveway for 2 cars will take 2 days from start to finish with a tarmac driveway and a block paved border. That same driveway will take 3 to 4 days if you opt for a resin bonded or imprinted concrete driveway. The reason for the extra time is down to ensuring that the building base of the driveway has cured to allow the finishing surface to be applied.

The cheapest option for a driveway is between a basic concrete driveway or a gravel driveway. The more expensive options are block paving and tarmac with resin bond being the most expensive option. 

Of course there is extra options to each installation which can inflate the price. For example, using a stone edging around the gravel driveway or getting a patterned concrete finish on the driveway will increase the price slightly.

We try to go through all these options with you during our FREE quote to help you pick an option that suits both your budget and requirements.


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